January 27, 2008

44 & 4 on the same Weekend

We managed to celebrate two "boy" b/days this weekend. The first was our friend Christo who turns 44 on Monday and the second b/day we celebrated today: Alan turned a big 4 years old! Congrats to both our buddies. I made these cards up in a flash because quite honestly I have spent the majority of my free time reading blogs. I did watch the Miss America and loved their new format. Super relaxed and fun - just a tad disappointed that the two girls I thought would have the best shot at winning did not make it: Miss Indiana placed 2nd and Miss California placed in the top 8. Regardless of the results everyone looked like they had a lot of fun and the new updated show was definitely more fun to watch.

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scrappermimi said...

Happy Birthday everyone, great cards too!