January 25, 2008

Today I became a blogger

I have read blogs, laughed at them, been inspired by them and even on occasion wished I had never seen some of them, but I have never been a blogger - until now. I don't particularly feel a need to express myself (my friends and family will totally disagree) however most of the blogs I have visited are so inspirational, that I figured it was time I got one too. I love to read blogs of scrapbookers and cardmakers and the stories and faces behind the beautiful artworks are always interesting. So here I am, at my desk with a to-do list so long that I am feeling a slight pang of guilt - ok it gone now - hoping to join the list of inspirational bloggers. Now that I have put myself out there I hope to live up to any expectations and to provide light easy reading that so many of you have provided to me, so please check back often and feel free to leave me any comments. Have an awesome Friday!