February 9, 2008

Adult Swim Time

Sometimes a picture captures the exact feeling of the moment..in this case Ashton was not experiencing the utmost of glee at having to sit and wait. She was just starting to understand that when the lifeguard blew the whistle for Adult Swim Time it meant that she had to get out the pool, sit and wait. Sit and wait for a whole 15 minutes. The longest 15 minutes of a two year olds life! Journaling Reads: "I know it must be pretty hard for you to understand, at age Two, why we need Adult Swim Time, but I have to admit you sure are trying to learn how to be patient about it"


scrapperjen said...

It is a long time! Very cute layout - I love that face.

Laura said...

this is so darling! what a face!!!!!!thanks for adding me to your list of links!!!! you are too sweet!