February 11, 2008


This is one of my simpler layouts. It was my first time working with chipboard (flowers) and I think I like the stuff. I have worked with it a bit more since then but I think the old adage rings true: Practice makes perfect. We had a lovely weekend and now the week is upon us. Both girls have their Valentine Parties at school this week so we will be busy. Have a lovely Monday.


vtpuggirl said...

Love this one, so graphic! And chipboard, what's not to like??

Darleen said...

love it!! chipboard is a staple on a lot of my pages!! You did a great job with it!! I'll keep you posted on my birthday, i have about a year and a half until my 40th, but its going to be an 80's theme!!

scrapperjen said...

This is just gorgeous!!!!