February 1, 2008

love is in the air...

Valentines month is here and I could not be happier. I love February. Kevin and I got married on Valentines Day (what does not seem like more than a decade ago) and the reminder of love and silliness all month long puts a smile on my face. Some might say that Valentines day is overrated and exploited but I say bring it on. Our family gets into the whole romance of it all - baking, making and sharing. Kev gets to give special cards to his girls (that he picked out himself). He wants them to always have a valentine from the #1 man in their lives (They are so young so he has a while to be #1) and I get TWO cards - one for Valentines Day and one for our Anniversary. To start this month off I made Ashton's preschool class some Valentine favors - all 12 of them get a custom wrapped sweetheart box and the teachers will get something too. I will make Alex's favors this weekend...Watch this space....

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  1. Kazan, you are just so creative! These are so stinken' cute!! That is so much that you got married on Valentine's Day. I would have loved that!!As the Little Rascal's said, "how romantical!"


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