February 2, 2008

A small lesson of appreciation

As I sat watching Ashton at Ballet class this morning I struck up a casual conversation with a Daddy sitting next to me. Turns out that his daughter, one of the cutest, most energetic and charming little girls, is a recipient of a liver transplant. As we watched our girls twirl, skip and jump he told me that after 3 years of health her body has unexpectedly started showing signs of rejecting the liver. He got teary eyed and so did I - we sat there in silence, and in wonder at how beautiful our children are. It was a casual moment of sharing between two parents and turned an ordinary Saturday experience into a small lesson of appreciation. Last night I finished the Valentine party favors for Alex's class. The small class of 7 infants at PDO (Parents Day out Program) will celebrate Valentines Day on February 12. I tied huge bows around clear candied lollipops and tied a little heart tag on each that reads: (Heart) Alex. The next project for this upcoming week is to work on the Teacher's Favors...busy busy busy!


  1. Wow...I would have been teary too!!! Sooo sad....Love what you made for your daughters class!!!

  2. Darling K the girls are so lucky to have a mommy like you:)

  3. Kazan, your story hit me like a brick. My husband's brother, died almost 2 years ago, he was a liver recipiet (his liver lasted 15 years) He was 30 years old when he died, with a 6 mo. pregnant wife with their first child. His death was one of the most horrific things that our family has ever had to go thru. He did not actually die from rejection, but other forms of complications. Life is so precious....on a lighter note, i love what you made for your daughter's class, lucky girl, busy Mom!!

  4. Kazan,
    Your talent never ceases to amaze me...Your story was also very touching....Love this...

  5. Cute lollipops!

    Hearing stories like that bring tears to my eyes and make me realize how blessed I am.


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