March 24, 2008

Oh My Gosh I feel quite faint actually..

Here is a layout that I created for Scrap 4 Life's Design Team Challenge. The remaining participants had to create a layout using HANDMADE about a challenge! I created the flowers out of cardstock and used markers to make an "African" design on each. Then I made buttons out of clay and painted them. I wanted the buttons to have a rustic African Bead look. So here is the GOOD news. This layout has qualified me to the next and final round. It started out with about 50 participants and now it is narrowed down to 10. You can see all the designs at Scrap 4 Life and then check out their gallery under Design Team Challenge. I am sitting here at my desk a little in awe of what just happened. The level of competition is very high, and the people creating these beautiful pages are so nice. I am so proud to be among the top 10 but this next week is going to be the hardest. We can't post our work and we have a whole bunch of guidelines to follow. Thank you to all those that post their work daily and comment on my blog - not only do you provide me with inspiration but because of your support and wonderful comments I am able to really have fun with challenges like this...ok now go and make something magnificent and wish me luck!!!!
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