March 5, 2008

You Make My Day Award

[day_award%25252B2%5B2%5D.jpg] I received two Awards from two people whose work I love: Enfys and Krista - (thanks, you two make my day too...I am adding you to my list so that people that have not seen your work can go and check it out.) These awards are given by fellow bloggers/scrappers to bloggers/scrappers. I have to pass on the good Karma and give some "You make My Day" Awards out to: 1. Laura Davis ( 2. Krista ( 3. Regina Easter ( 4. Danielle ( 5. Enfys ( 6. Bety ( 7. Tammy ( 8. Melissa ( 9. Darleen ( 10. Jenna ( Ladies please accept this award (compliment) from me to you. Thank you for the inspiration, laughs, humor and sharing you give out daily - You all make my day!
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