April 3, 2008

Melissa's Yummy Banana Bread

I was stalking Melissa's blog (again) and came across her Banana Bread Recipe. It so happens I was planning on making Banana Bread so I thought I would give her version a try. It was absolutely divine - Ashton told me I can make "Mommy's Banana Bread" anytime - it was hard explaining to her that it was Melissa's Banana Bread because then she became all possessive and said it was Ashton's Banana Bread - I just said Ok I would make Mommy's Banana Bread again because I am sure that is what Melissa calls it when her kids ask...so in all fairness it can be Mommy's Banana bread to anyone :). You can find the recipe here under Loads & Loafs: Melissa's Blog


vtpuggirl said...

It looks yummy! I want some, Danielle's banana bread sounds good to me??! Thank you for your comments the other day, I love how you totally get me. Have a great day my friend!

scrapperjen said...