May 29, 2008

3 Days to our Big Announcement

Just 3 more days to wait until Laura and I make our big announcement. Be sure to tune in on this blog, or Laura's (A Day in the Life of the Paper Poppy) to see what the big news is all about. It is going to be fun and exciting for everyone!


  1. I wonder what it could be? Hhmm..the anticipation is going to kill me!

  2. Gosh big tease....what in the world could it be......I keep checking to see if you are giving out any clues!!! LOL!!!

  3. m in the queue Kazan...cant wait to hear!!!
    Hope you are well:)x

  4. I think I can be patient for another 4 days. I know it will be FUN! Hope you will do the big announcement first thing on Sunday morning, because I am - I think - 8 hours ahead of you.



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