May 11, 2008

Sketch Challenge with a Yummy Prize

Here is an opportunity for someone to WIN a fabulous prize. Sakura pens is sponsoring this Challenge. I am a huge fan of Sakura pens and use them on almost all of my card and layout projects. The Souffle Pens have a 3-D Opaque puffy ink and are really wonderful doodling or writing tools - I especially like them for writing or doodling on dark cardstock. You can find Sakura products directly on their Website HERE or you can search under Store locater for a dealer in your area. One lucky Card maker will win a set of 10 Souffle Pens from Sakura. Details:
  • Please make an original card according to the sketch provided for this challenge
  • Post a link to your card under the comments section of this posting on this blog
  • International applicants welcome to participate :)
  • All links should be posted by Midnight May 24 (MDT).
  • I will announce the winning card designer on Sunday May 25 and they will win all 10 Pens.
FYI: Sakura and Kazan Clark will not be using or forwarding or selling any personal information obtained from the contest.
Can't wait to see your designs. Have fun and good luck :) Kazan


  1. Looks like fun!!! What a great prize:)
    I cant wait to see the entries:)

  2. Wow, I been off the computer scrapping and now you've got a corporate sponsor for your blog? I guess if you miss a day, you miss alot around here! Great layout!

  3. Groovy! I'll definitely participate!

  4. awesome awesome prize....can't wait to see all the awesome cards...good luck ladies

  5. Another beautiful sketch again , Kazan ! I'll see if I can make anything this week - recovering from a bug here after Mother's Day hmmm...Can't wait to see everyone's entries !

  6. i've never seen these pens, i will have to check them out.

  7. WOW, what fun are those pens!!!!! Can't wait to see all the talent bloom here!!!! YAY!! I love your sketches Kazan!!

  8. You have the BEST sketches Kazan!!! And what a fantastic prize! I love the Sakura pens too, and use them all the time. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  9. Oh Wow Kazan....I have to have a go at this one since I missed your last sketch...and anyways who wouldnt want to win those gorgeous pens!!!lol
    Have a great Day:)x

  10. I adore your fab sketches I had to play


  11. Wonderful sketch again Kazan! I already have a set of these pens and I love them!! I just played along for fun, no need to put my name in the pot.

  12. Ok I got mine done, and I'm not sure if I like it or not lol. I had this idea and I guess I need to tweek it a little or something. But I thought of a clear window opening, anyway here it is lol!

  13. Hey Kazan

    With some new stash in hand it was still hard for me to come up with something I really like ! duh !

    nevertheless I managed to make something simple :

    Thanks for the challenge

  14. Found your blog yesterday and love your sketches!!!

    Here is a card I made this morning using your beautiful sketch as inspiration!

  15. Hi Kazan...thanks for the challenge. Sketches likes this are always a challenge for me but I tried. I picked an image that didn't lend itself to flower embellishments but I tried to keep to it as close as I could! Thanks!

  16. Thanks for the great sketch and inspiration, Kazan. I made a card based on your sketch last night. My card can be found here.


  17. Found you via my mate Sue!

    You have a totally gorgeous blog filled with fabby creations.

    Thanks for the challenge, mine is on my blog:

  18. I loved your sketch : ) I have been a huge fan your work for some time : )

    Here is my take on your sketch:

    My card

  19. Here's my sketch card creation ... love your hand-drawn sketches.

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  21. ~Oops sorry about the last post - I forgot to leave a link!!
    Thanks for a great sketch and an opportunity to win sakura pens. Here is my take on your sketch - I really enjoyed it.
    Thanks becky

  22. What a great prize! Thanks for the sketch, it was fun, and I'll definitely be using it again for inspiration.
    Here's my card...


  23. Hi Kazan,
    This was a great sketch and i had so much fun building my card from it ! thanks so much for the inspiration and the prize looks fabulous never seen them before !!
    my card is now on my blog !

  24. Thanks so much for the fun challenge! Here's my two bits:

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  27. I love your sketches.
    I definitely want to participate.
    Here's the link to my card.

  28. Hi Kazan, I am back with a card I created with your sketch, I love sketch challenges.

    here is my card: Let's meet for coffee

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    God bless

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  30. just discovered your blog and love it. Here's my take on your sketch

  31. mmmmm love this site, it's fab !!
    Have recently found you on my friend Sue's blog.
    Here is my card.

  32. Thanks for the inspirational sketch and what a cool prize! Here's my card:�

    Wow...that link was REALLY long...I hope it worked. Thanks again!

  33. PHEW - I finally finished. Kazan - thank you so much for posting this challenge - I really had a blast working on it. Here is the link to my blog where I post the card. Hugs, T

  34. Ok I gave it a shot!
    I have never done a card from a sketch before and man was this hard for me!) I did have to change is a round a bit but this is what I came up with please let me know what you think!

  35. Here is my little one entry for the contest.

    Kazan, may I ask you for a BIG favor? Could you please send me an e-mail at telling him he won? His name is Steven. I will buy some colors for him and put them in the mailbox before he comes back from school.... You will make him SOOOOO happy. Please let me know...
    Hugs, Sonia

  36. Here's my entry Kazan! Thanks so much for the fun!!! :)

  37. Hi Kazan
    I have probably missed the deadline, but I had to submit this anyway as it was very special to me!!

    you can find my card on my blog:



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