June 22, 2008

a Fruit Salad Bowl & Tagged..

This week at BBTB we had to make a project using the Banner Cut on the Celebrations Cartridge. The girls are celebrating their birthdays next month and the theme is Butterflies..so I am experimenting... Tagged by DeeDee and Nikki (Thanks for your sweet comments you two!)...since I have not posted anything in a while (waiting for DT stuff to be released) here is a little more about me for today:
  • Ten years ago.... I got married, left a wonderful career as an Event Planner in South Africa and moved with my new husband to America. 1998 was certainly a year to remember. I also met my Scrapbooking partner Laura at that time and lets just say the rest is history ;)
  • Five things on today's "to do list" 1. Put in a load of Laundry 2. Take the girls to Crocodile Rock 3. Buy ingredients to make Martha's Mac&Cheese for dinner tonight 4. Pick up the house for dinner guests this evening. 5. Feed the neighbors fish.
  • Snacks I enjoy I don't have a sweet tooth but boy do I like anything salty - yum! pass the bag of chips please!
  • Things I would do if I was a millionaire Get my family here with me as soon as possible. Buy myself 10 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes.
  • Places I have lived Pretoria South Africa, Milwaukee Wisconsin, a village in Peru (not for long just while Kev was working on a project there), and now home - Denver Colorado.
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