September 4, 2008

Super Busy...

So with all the anticipation of school starting it feels as if has crept up on me! I am frantically busy just trying to get into my routine again. It is amazing how a lovely long summer tends to make one forget how organized you once were :)
I don't have any projects to post because I am working on Design Team stuff and TWO special projects that I can only reveal much later...but these are biggies so I will keep you posted on my progress on them. These pictures were taken of the girls at Jeffery Lake in Nebraska. They had so much fun and a little time for R&R too.


  1. Your girls are beautiful ... definitely takes after mom. Warm regards.
    PS: Many thanks I will be putting in my order with house-mouse soon.

  2. Your girls are looking so pretty. Hope you can soon show your projects, I always love to see what you've made.

  3. What fab piccies :) And what beautiful girls you have.
    Shaz x

  4. Your girls are so pretty. They have such a sweet look to them too. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I love to see your work.

  5. They are angelic! I love the pics!! Gorgeous eyes just like their momma!! :)

  6. They are so beautiful!!! I mean, look at those eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your girls are so beautiful. They would make lovely photos to scrap.

    Looking forward to seeing your next projects.

    Love Debbie xx

  8. O Kazan, your girls are so pretty and adorable.


  9. Your girls are so beautiful! And they look so much like you too. Can't wait to see all your new projects!

  10. Hi, Kazan..

    I don't know why I didn't add your blog to my Reader before now.. It's lovely! But then, I do have around 200 blogs on it now, and I can't keep up!! lol ;o)

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your comments on my blog, and for supporting my stance against word verification!! So happy to see it removed on your blog. Thank you for that! :o) I am hoping other American bloggers will follow your lead.

    Best wishes,
    Chris xx

  11. Absolutely stunning girls!

    And you are soooo right about getting back into the swing of things. At the end of the first week of school I was exhausted, and I can hardly remember what the beach looked like!


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