November 5, 2008

Halloween Candy

It seems that we prepare weeks in advance for this eventful night decorating, carving and finding that perfect costume and then within a few hours it is all done except for the Halloween Candy. We have bags and bags full of it and I need to do something quickly before I go crazy on the stuff. The funny thing is I don't even have a sweet tooth but I just can't seem to resist having one piece here and two pieces there. I wish there was some giant recipe that called for melting all the Halloween Candy to make one big pudding...that way I could throw a little shindig with the most awesome desert after and be done with it! Until then though I guess we are minimizing the stash one piece (or two) at a time.
Sherry posted the cutest picture of her son dressed up for Halloween on her blog and asked us to do the same...sooo here is Ashton as a Princess Witch (don't ask it was her idea) and Alex as a Lambie (Dylan is the cute Fireman in between).
Have a great Thursday - the weekend is almost here again Hugs


Joke said...

WOW, Kazan, the kids are looking so lovely!
Have a nica day,


DeeDee said...

Oh my...what adorable little sweeties!!! I bet they had loads of fun Kazan...TFS!! HUGS!!

Ingrid said...

OMG....your gorgeous girls are so adorable in their cute costumes.


Anonymous said...

The kids look fab Kazan..Happy Belated B`day to you:)~X~

Just a little bit Crafty said...

Your little ones are too cute. I love popping in to see what you are up to. Adore your card creations so that is why I have a little something for you on my blog.

evafromca said... cute are they!!!!! How fun this must have been for them and you as well!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Wright said...

Aww.. what an adorable little lamb you have, a gorgeous witch, and a handsome fire fighter! You really do have a gorgeous bunch Kazan, thanks for posting. Glad they had fun. :0)

Lorraine Robertson said...

Fab pics of the kids and it looks like a whole load of fun was being had by one and all...

Not quite up to joining in the challenges yet after my surgery but I'm having heaps of fun looking at all the creations...

Thanks for providing so much inspiration.

Crafty hugs
Lorraine xxx

Wilma said...

They look soooooooo cute!!!! :)

Southernbelle said...

How cute they look!!

E.T said...

Are not kids everything beautiful?!
Looks like they had a blast!

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