November 24, 2008

Super Star

This is the final card I made from Embellished Scrapbook Shoppe's Card kit. I also used a frosted card from Sheetloads/Shortcuts. Today we have so much to do and I am not quite sure where to start. I think the grocery store will be my first stop to stock up on the week's supplies. I am also feeling the need to get some Christmas Shopping done because we leave for vacation on December 17 so technically I have about 3 weeks...eeaaak! I really want to do something crafty today so maybe I will start on the Teacher gifts and in doing so I can check 2 items off my list. Is anyone else feeling the crunch right about now or are you all super prepared already? Let me know.
Have a great Monday Hugs Kazan


  1. This is stunning Kazan! I love the frosted card with the metallic letters-great contrast!
    Oh, I am so totally feeling the crunch! I think I start all my projects with plenty of time to spare, but inevitably life interferes and things don't get done when they should!

  2. this is beautiful girl....i actually put up all our christmas decorations and trees this weekend so i am feeling a little less CRUNCHED....hugs

  3. Gorgeous card, Kazan. I love the frosted cards.

    I too have to do some shopping for the holidays. We celebrate Sinterklaas on December 5th, and both our girls have their birthday in December. Do you already feel sorry for me? LOL!


  4. Stunning card Kazan, WOW!!
    I am so totally NOT ready for the holidays... no Christmas cards made, haven't started shopping yet, haven't done a thing.. yikes!
    (((hugs))) ~Rae

  5. Wow!, you just keep getting better(if that's even possible!). This is just gorgeous!

  6. GORGEOUS!!!! WOW, I love the look of the frosted card!!! As for the time crunch...right now I feel like I don't know where to start...LOL!!!! HUGS!!

  7. Love it, Kazan!! Gorgeous in every way!

    I'm feelin' the crunch!! Sat down today to plan out the month of December so it doesn't slip past without me noticing ;) Still have LOTS to do...but it's so much fun!!


  8. Oh gosh, I am sooooo feeling the crunch right now!!! YIKES!!! But you need to give this card to yourself Kazan. You are a true superstar! The way you put things together just contiually amazes me. It's beautiful!

  9. Just stunningly beautiful. Love all the textures. Hugs from Desire


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