November 22, 2008


The super cute Rae Barthel Tagged me and since I have not done this for a while I thought I would play along so here it goes, you guys get to read 7 random/weird facts about me:
1. I have a memory like an elephant (I took this picture at the Denver Zoo on Friday). My friends and family cannot believe how I can retain random information for decades!
2. Jeans are my clothing of choice. I can't remember when last I wore a skirt or dress
3. My watches have always been chunky. I can't see myself with a dainty one. Right now I wear this one - I bought it for the pink acrylic strap. It is by Fossil.
4. I hang all our clothes in our closets according to color. Starting with whites, pinks, greens, blues all the way to black. It drives me crazy when Kev puts Laundry away because he does not follow the system :)
5. I looove baking. Two of may favorite things to bake are Molten Chocolate Cakes and Brownies but I don't really have a sweet tooth - give me salty savory any day :)
6. I am super competitive and will turn anything into a game just for the fun of it. *
7. My sense of humor can be wicked too. I love playing practical jokes on my friends and family. Silly little unsuspecting things in conversations are some of the funniest moments for me.
There you have it. Now if there is someone you would like me to tag leave me a comment here. I would love to see who you would like to know more about. Have a great weekend Hugs Kazan
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