November 4, 2008

Thanks a Bunch!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful b/day wishes I received all day yesterday. I had a wonderful day with my family and was thoroughly spoiled all day and evening including this beautiful bouquet of white stemmed roses taken with my new camera *wink*...the messages, good wishes and emails are very all appreciated! You guys know how to make a person feel special on their - thank you so much!


  1. I'm glad you had a great day. Yay for a new camera!! What kind?

  2. Gorgeous Roses!! So Kazan... don't be such a tease... ;) What kind of camera did ya get? Is it a nifty new Kodak 35mm? ;) LOL!!!

  3. Kazan,
    Happy Birthday...A new camera sounds great..Krista

  4. YAY!! A new fun...and rosed to boot....WOW!!!! HUGS!!


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