January 2, 2009

1 of 365

I was reading Margi 's Blog today and thought that Project 365 sounded like something fun to do. Basically you need to take a picture a day for the entire year. I think it might be a ton of work after the first week but I will give it a try. So here is your picture for today (even though I am posting a little late)....
Project 1 of 365 01.01.09
Today on this first day of 2009 I did some shopping at one of my favorite crafty stores: Archivers. I really wanted to freshen up my paper supply and I also needed a dose of inspiration. These two bags contain my little stash as a result of a really quick trip before Kev went to golf. I can't wait to play tomorrow!


  1. Cute & you didn't call me to come??? Our husbands were even playing golf together!
    Cut pic cant wait for the others to follow!

  2. Wow - that's what I call a HUGE project *lol* Great shopping, girl!

    And happy, happy new year to you, dear friend :)


  3. Oh, fun! I wish we had an Archivers near us. Good luck with project 365!(-: Heidi

  4. I see you didn't ask Laura to go with you???? Hehehe....well, that is one great load of scrappy shopping. Have fun playing with them tomorrow and I can't wait to see what you will make with them.

  5. Oh this is fun!! Sept. '08 i went with my aunt to a Archivers too, but this one was in Marietta Georgia :o)

    XxX Hanneke

  6. YEA! So happy to hear that you joined in with Project 365! It's day 2 and 4pm and I haven't taken my pic yet, lol!
    Thank you!, and Happy New Year!
    xo, margie

  7. WOW, what a fun project....that's alot of pics!!! Should be fun though!! HUGS!!!

  8. Love all your pictures!!! Your daugthers are adorable!!! Good luck with Project 365! I would love to do this but I know I will not keep up!


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