January 22, 2009

always a first

This is another card I made for the Scrapbook News & Review article this past October. I love that all these cards have a valentine theme...get's a whole bunch of items checked off my Card-to-do List :)
Project 22 of 365 01.22.09 .
They say there is a first time for everything and that was especially true for Alex today because we had her first dentist appointment. She was not entirely happy being poked and prodded in her mouth but there were thankfully no tears or drama. Overall this was quite a positive experience so we rewarded this milestone with a trip to the Zoo :)
Project 23 of 365 01.23.09 .
When we go grocery shopping once a week it is considered an outing/adventure in our house. We start off by me getting my usual Starbucks (tall-non-fat-mocha-no- whip) and the girls get their special kids Starbucks too (water in a clear cup with a lid and straw). Fuel in hand we head into the store...Alex has her own shopping cart (which I haul from home every week) and Ashton gets to push the big one. We walk up and down isles carefully selecting what goes in who's cart. At the end of the 2 hour experience each one unpacks their cart at the check-out stand explaining their 'purchases' to the cashier. Yes it is a time consuming trip to the grocery store but this is our little weekly ritual and for now - not sure for how long - it is fun for at least two of us ;)
.Project 24 of 365 01.024.09
Part of our quieter Saturday afternoon was spent playing Go Fish. Ashton's Grandpa taught her the game this past December. I was surprised at how quickly she picked up the game and how competitive she is (just like her Mama!).
Enjoy your Weekend
:) Kazan
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