January 8, 2009

Baby Love

One of Kev's work colleagues just had a baby boy so we are giving the proud parents a gift certificate to help them celebrate. I love the pre-cut gift card holders from ShortCuts: They are easy to fold, decorate and embellish.
Project 8 of 365 01.08.09
Alex and I stopped by Laura's for a quick visit before picking Ashton from School. Laura had her camera ready and Alex would only smile if she was bribed with a cookie. So here is the best of the few super coy pictures... Project 9 of 365 01.09.09
I needed a girls night out tonight like no other. Today I attempted to Potty train Alex and it did not go well - I was mentally and physically exhausted and needed Time Out! Laura and I headed on over to Archivers for a crop and we both managed to get a lot done. It was a super evening that did not involve any begging, pleading or bribing potty talk - thanks LD :)
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