January 30, 2009


I made this card over the summer for a friend who turned 8 and never posted it :) So here is a fun bright card celebrating turning 8! way back when.
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Blogoversary *RAK* Winner
Thank you all so much for celebrating my Blogoversary with me. I appreciate all your comments and support and for just simply stopping by. The random winner of my 1st Year RAK goes to..
Congratulatoins! Here is the comment she left for me during week:

"Oh big huge congrats on your first year. I love seeing what yummy things you come up with and think you are so generous to give away all that fabulous stuff. Thank you so much, Caryn xxx"

True Random Number Service, Random Integer Generator, Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2009-01-30 16:35:02 UTC

Caryn I am so excited to send this off to you - thanks for your sweet comment. Please email me your details. xxx Kazan
Project 28 of 365 01.28.09
Part of Ashton and Mommy Day today was spent at the mall doing a little shopping. Towards the end of our trip right before lunch Ashton plonked herself on one of the mall relaxation chairs and refused to enter one more store! Good thing too because I could have gone on all day :)!
Project 29 of 365 01.29.09
We attended a Tiny Tots Orchestra concert with Ashton's school and it was great. Alex absolutely loves the classical music instruments and the music but most of all she loves the beautiful Prima ballerinas that put on a performance during the show. Ashton, on the other hand would rather be doing something/anything else...I guess they can't love everything all the time now can they :)
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Have the most amazing Friday
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