January 11, 2009

Project 365

Project 10 of 365 01.10.09
Our weekend Potty Training venture ended with us raising the white flag in submission. Alex is just not ready! I had to get out the diapers (put away for a friend) while I tried to console myself that the last 48 hours were not in vain but rather a trial run for the day (hopefully soon) that we will in fact be diaper free..on the positive side I get to keep my little Girl a Baby for just a wee bit longer :)
Project 11 of 365 01.11.09
Thank goodness Laura invited us over for dinner tonight because we all needed a change of environment. The girls love spending time with Claudia and want to do EVERYTHING she does - including watching a DVD in the exact same position as her...that little distraction gave Kev and Eric enough time to watch some golf and us girls to enjoy a glass of wine over 2S4Y talk :)
Hugs to you this Sunday Evening
:) Kazan
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