January 11, 2009

Project 365

Project 10 of 365 01.10.09
Our weekend Potty Training venture ended with us raising the white flag in submission. Alex is just not ready! I had to get out the diapers (put away for a friend) while I tried to console myself that the last 48 hours were not in vain but rather a trial run for the day (hopefully soon) that we will in fact be diaper free..on the positive side I get to keep my little Girl a Baby for just a wee bit longer :)
Project 11 of 365 01.11.09
Thank goodness Laura invited us over for dinner tonight because we all needed a change of environment. The girls love spending time with Claudia and want to do EVERYTHING she does - including watching a DVD in the exact same position as her...that little distraction gave Kev and Eric enough time to watch some golf and us girls to enjoy a glass of wine over 2S4Y talk :)
Hugs to you this Sunday Evening
:) Kazan


Christina Hill said...

Ah yes I remember those days all too well. Trust that she won't be a diaper wearing teen though. LOL

Laura Davis said...

LOL Christina that is so true!
Don't sweat it Kazan, it's a good thing she is so stinkin cute!

Jens Place in Space said...

Yeah enjoy her when shes little, next thing you know she will be PMSing and cranky, leaving the house looking like shes going to the playboy mansion! lol

mustangkayla said...

Kazan I completely understand! We attempted potty training this weekend also with no success!