February 15, 2009

Project 365

Project 40 of 365 02.09.09
The girls were excited to receive early Valentine presents today - Puppy Sisters from Safeway :)
Project 41 of 365 02.10.09
Alex is fighting a little cold so not feeling her brightest but she is warm and cozy in her Bush Jacket from Granny & Grampie in South Africa.
Project 42 of 365 02.11.09
Alex had a sick day today but we did manage a quick doctors appointment and then a Jammie Day for both girls.
Project 43 of 365 02.12.09
These are little Valentine treats for the girls Teachers. They are bath salts shaped as rose petals. I tagged each one and tied up with a pretty bow.
Project 44 of 365 02.13.09 Kev and I celebrated our Anniversay and Valentines Day tonight at Venice Restaurant. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Denver with the most Romantic cozy atmosphere and delicious food.
Project 45 of 365 02.14.09 Valentines Day. Kev bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for our Anniversary. I received the red rose from the restaurant we had dinner at last night.


Savitri said...

Happy anniversary! Hope romantic and it seems like a lovely lovely place to go this past weekend!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Happy Anniversary! Your girls are darling. And aren't those the best jammies ever! Did you know you can get them in adult sizes too? They only have them online though. I think between me and my kids we have 18 pairs!!!! I hope you had a great weekend.