March 14, 2009

A few Pictures of our Trip

We really did have a lovely mini-vacation to St. George, Utah. The drive there and back is 10 hours and that can be challenging with two little girls but we did survive and came home with amazing photographs and video of spectacular scenery. While Kev attended a conference I was very fortunate to meet up with Cheryl who lives in St. George. We had such an awesome visit at a local scrapbooking store called: Pebbles in My Pocket (where I shopped to my hearts content! with Cheryl's help). If you have not visited Cheryl's blog, Cheryl June Girl, please do - her work is as gorgeous as she is (on the inside and out). Hope we get to do this really soon again Cheryl but this time the "treats" are on me - thank you ;)
Happy Sunday Hugs Kazan


Ingrid said...

Wow....the scenery is amazing. It looks so beautiful. Good to hear you had a wonderful time.

melles-world said...

Hello from Germany!
Wooow... this pictures are great, I want to come around and have a look. It looks so beautyful there!


Nessa said...

Oh my what gorgeous pictures! That's one area of the country I've never been but I'd really like to! Looks like you had a great time :)