April 28, 2010

Bo Bunny & 2S4Y

I love how versatile a sticker can be and this week the gang at 2 Sketches 4 You got to prove it because we all played with Bo Bunny Stickers!  Shanna Vineyard designs stickers for some of Bo Bunny's awesome collections. What I personally love about the stickers is the variety and that they look dimensional but are in fact flat. So for those you that love the look of brads, buttons, ribbons and twine on your cards but dislike the bulk for  mailing then this may be just the product for you.  Shanna together with Scrapbook.com is giving away stickers and gift vouchers to the winner of Card of the Week. Details here: 2S4Y

Have an awesome Wednesday!
:) Kazan


Sasya said...

ohh, this tag is soo beautiful!! ♥

Tenia Nelson said...

Love this!!

Kay said...

So fantastic!! What a great idea to make a tag!!!
♥♥ Kay

imastampin said...

Oh so cute. I love the idea of reducing the bulk of the embellishments! Love that ribbon too!

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