October 13, 2010

JustRite 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop #6

Wow can you believe it is Wednesday already!!!  Time seems to be zipping by but in true Wednesday fashion I am back to share a project for JustRite Stampers newest Wednesday feature, 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hops #6!   Every Wednesday up until Thanksgiving some of your favorite designers will be joining some of the JustRite design team for a series of Christmas blog hops, showcasing JustRite’s entire Christmas Collection of stamps!  This week, it’s most of the Copic design team and Certification instructors!  So mark your calendars for Wednesdays at 9am Central for great Christmas gift, card & project ideas, starting at the JustRite Inspiration blog!

For my project this week I took a plain paper bag:  added some paper, glitter, ribbon and a combination of die templates to take my little snowman & snowflake sentiment to center stage. Here is what you will need to complete this project:


Ribbon: American Crafts
Post-it Craft Paper Fully Adhesive
Glitter: Clearsnap
Glitter Stickers: K&Company
Paper: Doodlebug Designs
Other: Craft paper lunch bags

Ready to see what the other designers have created...well look no further because I have the whole group listed for you here:


: Thanks for that great question Debbie.  I actually learned this technique at CHA when Cathy Chlebana made a snowflake pin as a make-'n-take at the Spellbinders Booth.  Cut a piece of Post-it Craft paper to match the size of your die template. Run it through your die cutting machine so that you have your desired shape.  For my sample I first cut the Crown Circle die and then I positioned a circle die template and cut again to make the crown circle frame.  Next you peel the backing off of the Post-it adhesive paper and dip the entire cut shape in a bowl of shallow glitter.  You will have a perfect glitter embellishment without uneven spaces and globs of glue.  It is one of my favorite techniques which you will see quite a bit of on my blog - keep watching this space :)

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day to stop by.  Have a fabulous Wednesday :)


  1. WHOA, Kazan. This is beautiful! Who wouldn't want to see a pretty present like this on Christmas morning?!

  2. Shooot!! Great bag girl friend :)
    Love all the layers and how darn cute is that snowman. They are defiantly my kind of man. Only around for a couple months if that!! Oh My !!

  3. Stunning! This is the greatest gift bag EVER!!! Love it!

  4. What a great project! Love the bag with the oh so fabulous tag!

  5. Beautiful, Kazan! Love the white bag and white accents!

  6. Gorgeous gift bag, Kazan! Love all the wonderful details!

  7. WOW, this is just GORGEOUS all the day...love that "snowflake" center you created!!!

  8. Very pretty. Wonderful gift bag.

  9. gorgeous gorgeous stuff Kazan!! :)

  10. Love this Kazan!! Beautiful snowflake!!

  11. Kazan, I adore this bag. It's almost too beautiful to give away!! Thanks for including Post-it(R) Craft Paper. Did you use the sticky side for the glitter pieces? I love that technique

  12. *THUD* Holy Moly girl - you've done it again!!!! Week after week you come up with THE MOST incredible ideas!!! This is gorgeous and elegant - the dies are stunning in their framing and your colouring is beautiful!!! YOU ROCK!!! :)

  13. Love the gift bag - perfect for under the tree with a little something for me? LOL And who doesn't like snowmen?

  14. Totally GORGEOUSNESS!!! Never had heard of Post-It Craft Paper, so I'll be seeking that ASAP now!!! TFS!!!

  15. Oh Kazan, this is just stunning! I'm so honored to be hopping with you this week! XOXO

  16. Awesome girlfriend!!! What a beautiful gift! And love the way that you did the snowflake sentiment - that is so cool! And what a great tip!
    You rock girlie!!
    big hugs
    S :)

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