October 23, 2010

Spellbinders Grand Calibur

I thought I would share Spellbinder's latest & greatest machine with you all.  This folks is the Grand Calibur in real life *lol*.  This big boy can cut and emboss both the Grand dies and a whole bunch of the regular shaped dies. A feature that I loooove!!!  It is really light for a machine of it's size, weighing in at about 10lbs.  It accepts 8 1/2 x 11" paper without trimming and cuts and embosses up to 8 1/8" :)  Turning the handle is super smooth and easy, just another feature which makes the Grand Calibur a great machine to own.

Now there is a another reason for my little show 'n tell - did you see that layout on the back of the box?  That is a layout I made of my oldest daughter using the Grand die templates...YIKES!!!  You can only imagine how excited we both were  to see her layout on the packaging of the Grand Calibur.  This is one box that is not going to morf into a dollhouse fort or get used for recycling magazines - this will be our keepsake box 4eva!! *lol*.

Let me know when you get your machines and we can swap ideas - I am sure you will love it as much as I do,  oh and keep that box will ya :)


  1. Woot Woot Kazan!! How exciting!! Congrats!!

  2. Squeal! Kazan that is phenomenally cool!! How are you going to frame that box?? LOL Can't wait to get mine and we can play :)

  3. Super!!! How exciting for you and your daughter!!!!
    I can't wait to get mine...
    shipping soon~ I ordered since August and are impasiently waiting for it!!

  4. I'm excited to get one of these, but I'm unable to find them. Do you know of any on-line vendors that may have some?

  5. Wow! I came by to tell you what a great job you did on the Mint Motif designer team and what did I find? More ways to spend the money I don't have!! What a great machine....gotta have it!

  6. That is too cool. :) My daughter has been in alot of Spellbinders stuff (that my sister, Terre has created). She's only 3, but when she's older she'll think it's cool. :)

  7. Very exciting and fun! What a gorgeous layout, too! ;) ♥♥ Kay

  8. Yahooo!!! I hope you save this box for years to come!


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