November 3, 2010

Justrite 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop #9

This Wednesday is special for two reasons - first we celebrate another week of JustRite Stampers’ Wednesday feature, 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hops!  and secondly it is my Birthday today but more about that at the end of this post :)

Every Wednesday up until Thanksgiving some of your favorite designers will be joining some of the JustRite design team for a series of Christmas blog hops, showcasing JustRite’s entire Christmas Collection of stamps!  Don’t forget that JustRite has some Christmas stamps in their newly released CLING line of stamp sets, too -- you can find them HERE.  This week, the designers joining the JustRite design team is the Just Us Girls (JUGS) challenge blog design team! 

For the month of November, we thought we would switch gears a little and throw in some holiday gift ideas using your JustRite stamps, so be watching for those, too, on November’s hops!  And in celebration of JustRite’s 9th and 10th weeks of Christmas Blog Hops, they have a huge surprise for you:

{Special Offer}

Take 25% off  All JustRite Original Christmas Stamps now through November 15, with free shipping within the U.S. -- Don't forget to tell Santa!!

This week I chose to make a teeny-tiny Mini-album on a keychain as a gift for the Grandparents.  When I say teeny-tiny I mean just that.  My album measures 2"x2" which is about the length of your thumb! I used 2" square matteboards called Twinchies Squares from a company called Inchie Arts.  The stamp set, which I colored with Copic markers, is JustRite Stampers: From Our House (2" Square).  The stamps fit perfectly on each square and because of the texture of the mattboard, coloring with Copics creates bright crisp results.  My photo-editing software on my computer allows me to size my pictures exactly the way I need them.  I printed each picture 1.25" square and mounted them on black cardstock before adhering them to the Twinchie.   I used my Crop-a-dile to punch a whole through each square and threaded them onto a keyring.  Finish by embellishing with a large bow :)

The following Blog Hop participants all have fabulous ideas to make your gift giving a very personal and rewarding experience this Holiday Season:

JustRite Stampers Team

Just Us Girls Design Team

Birthday Celebrations

I don't often post pics of myself because I am super shy when it comes to the camera - not in person though *lol*...but I promised some of the Spellbinders gals I would share a pic of the 'new' me on my b/day so here you go!  The boots are a b/day pressie from Hubs (Laura took this shot of me yesterday in her new kitchen)
  Cheers to another year of good health, good fortune and good friends!



  1. Happy Birthday GORGEOUS Miss Kazan!!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZAN :)Great boots too !!

  3. Hi SEXY mama!!! You look fabulous my friend!!! Happy Birthday, oh and I adore your mini album!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!
    Love your mini album!

  5. Happy Birthday, Kazan! I hope you enjoy your day! LOVE those boots! :)

  6. Happy Birthday, my dear friend!! You look fabulous, Kazan. Wow! Have a wonderful day.


  7. You look marvelous! (done in my best Billy Crystal impression voice of Fernando Lamas). Happy birthday to you!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY you sweet thing you! You look MARVELOUS! Oh so cute mini album girlie!

  9. Happy Birthday to you! I just love this little mini booklet such a fab idea! TFS!

  10. Happy Birthday, Kazan! Love those boots! The mini is so cute!

  11. Oh, I just love this teeny tiny mini album, Kazan! SO sweet and something the Grandparents will cherish always!

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Love those boots!

  12. LOVE the mini-album, Kazan, and a very happy birthday to you -- my oldest daughter shares it with you today! You look fabulous!

  13. Your mini album is a great gift idea - thanks for sharing - and the photo is wonderful - you look FABULOUS dahhhhling! Simply fabulous.

  14. Happy birthday, Kazan!!

    Very cute mini - will have to give it a try :)

    You are lookin' FABULOUS, dar~ling! Great picture! xo

  15. What a fabulous way to use the Twinchie Squares - love it! Enjoy your birthday!

  16. Happy, happy birthday, darling Kazan! You look as gorgeous as you are kind. XOXO

  17. Happy Birthday! What a cool gift idea - a mini album, and using twinchies! How fun!

  18. Fabulous little project - perfect for the grandparents!!

  19. You are STUNNING, Kazan!!! What a beautiful photo! Hope you have an absolutely FABULOUS birthday!!!

  20. This mini album is so fantastic!!! Gorgeous blog hop project! STUNNING!!!

  21. I adore your minin album!!! And Happy Birthday to you!!! You look fabulous in all of your new things! : )

  22. Happy Birthday, you look fabulous! Love your mini album it is so awesome!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kazan!!!
    Fabulous mini album...very cute!

  24. Fab use of the twinchie squares, sure the grandparents will love them! Happy Happy Birthday you look beautiful!!

  25. Lookin' good, Kazan! WTG! Thanks for the photo! Those boots are awesome......I just don't know how you can walk in heels like that!

    Great picture. How old are you today? Don't you hate when people ask that. Sorry. You look fab in your new boots. Hubby has good taste. Sweet mini key chain albumn. Great gift.

  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kazan!!! You look fabilicious!! ;) Love the boots! Your mini album's just precious, too!


  28. What a hottie you are! Dang, girl!! The boots are divine too! Hope you had a great birthday!

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  30. Oh my gosh Kazan! You look Maaavelous Darlin'!!!

  31. Happy birthday! You look beautiful and your mini album is gorgeous!
    Hugs and smiles

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