April 16, 2011

a first for me: woven basket

This week on the Spellbinders Blog I created a basket made almost entirely out of cardstock and embellished with Spellbinders die templates.  Although this weaving thing was basically a first for me (not counting the woven placemat I made in grade 1) I did have fun watching it come together. Our girls are very impressed - even to go as far as saying I weave like the ladies in South Africa.  They mean the Zulu weavers who are in my opinion the masters of weavers.  I had to laugh because my children do have elevated opinions on Hubs and my capabilities!!! but for now I will take that compliment and keep practicing until maybe someday I too can weave like the Zulus!!

I have instructions on how to make this basket on the Spellbinders Savvy Saturday~Easter Woven Basket blog post.

Have a wonderful Saturday - the weather is warming so we will spend part of today outside!
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