August 9, 2011

WhooHooo I am on Create!!!!!

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I am so excited to share that I am being featured on Northridge Media's Create Blog as:


What a fun title (hehe) and a huge honor.  First you all know that I am a loyal and dedicated reader of Scrapbook Trends, CARDS and Simply Handmade so to be featured on both the blog and the Magazine in this way is beyond amazing!  I am humbled and super excited to even know how to put this in writing and share!

Create has a little interview with me (see me quietly grinning at the thought of being interviewed by the amazingly talented Jen Gallacher and then to comprehend that Pam Baird at Scrapbook Trends has a TWO page feature of me this month is all to much - yikes!!!!) which you can read all about on this Create Post :)

Whoohooo. What a fun way to start the week...

Thanks for stopping by and joining me as I do the "Sprinkler-Happy Dance" :)


Cheryl Nelson said...

woohoo!! Congrats Kazan!! They definitely made the right choice! So well deserved!!!

Tanya said...

How exciting, congrats!

Regina Mangum said...

Congratulations, sweet Kazan! No one could have deserved it more. XOXO