February 20, 2012

Crafting with Children: Make an Easter Favor Basket

I created this little Easter basket favor box for Momenta's blog post.  It is one of those projects that can be made with your children - it is easy, fun and does not require a ton of supplies either!  I have all product details and instructions on how to assemble the little basket on this Momenta blog post:

Tomorrow I have a brand new card sketch for Skipping Stones Design so be sure to check back soon.  Happy Monday! My girls have the day off so we are going to have some fun.


  1. I lovee color scheme. I saw some like that on http://www.homeseasons.com but did you make those yourself? If so any walk through tips?


  2. Aaaah man, this is delightful. I am sure any little bambino would love to do an Easter Hunt with this.


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