April 25, 2012

Packaging that says KaBoom!

Today's Momenta Blog Post project is all about pretty packaging heralding Spring!  

Sometimes gift giving just needs that extra oomph by jazzing up a container and scribbling thoughtful words of appreciation in a matching card - after all it is the thought that counts so why not make that thought say: "kaBoom!!!" 

Well I did just that with a container that I had here at home - which happened to fit 10 Homemade delicious cookies perfectly.  I used paper from Momenta which included these gorgeous bright pink flowers which I fussy cut to make them pop right up.  For a full list of supplies and how I put these babies together visit the Momenta Blog post:

I have yet another busy day planned today in my quest to get my house ready for summer.  I hope you manage to get a bit of crafty time in while you go about your business.  I am going to try but somehow I think I might just have to wait until tomorrow....


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