May 3, 2012

Mothers Day Candle & Card Set

Pretty paper is on my list of things I adore - so when I find the perfect paper for a card - patterns and colors that I know the recipient will just love - I kinda run with it!  For today's Momenta Blog post I made a Mother's Day card but I took it one step further...If you look carefully you will notice that the design on the candle matches that of the card! - I know Right!

Super easy and fun to do AND the best part..  It is totally custom made so you know that if you give this baby away to someone special you will be a Rock-Star! - promise :)  I have a tutorial on how to make the card and candle on this Momenta Blog post:

Do let me know if you end up making this - I can image that the matching candles and cards out there are all going to be spectacular because of the 100's & 1000's of options!  Have fun with it.


1 comment:

Desire Fourie said...

Just stunning Kazan and perfect for a special loving Mom.