January 16, 2014

Valentine Owl Treat Bag Tutorial

These little Valentine treat bags are a snap to make.  I made two (one for each of my girls) using Spellbinders die templates and cardstock from my craft stash.  If you don't have the dies it is easy to improvise by cutting shapes out by hand or creating a stencil to trace and cut. 

Supplies & Tools

Pink, green, orange and white cardstock
Sentiment printed on copy paper
(don't forget the candy!)

1. Fold cardstock in half.  Lightly tape the die to the card stock making sure the cut edge of the die overlaps the folded edge of the card stock.  Cut shape with the die cutting machine.
2. Cut heart shapes as follows: From green cardstock cut 2x larger hearts for the wings and 3x small hearts for decoration,  from orange cardstock cut 3x small hearts (one for the beak and two for the legs)
3. Cut two circle shapes from white cardstock for the eyes

4. Adhere a larger heart to either side of the body of the owl.
5. Apply an adhesive strip to the two sides and adhere together.  The only opening will be the top of the owl's head.
6. Finish by embellishing with remainder hearts, adhering buttons for eyes and attaching the sentiment to the toothpick 

Thanks for stopping by.  Watch for more projects later this week!


Susan said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Kazan Clark said...

Thank you Susan :)