April 30, 2014

Wedding Love Card

We recently attended our niece's wedding in Canada.  It was one of those magical occasions set in a majestic environment.  Valemount is tucked away amongst endless trees and flowing rivers right in the heart of British Columbia.  The natural beauty of the surroundings was the perfect background for this down to earth couple.  

It was so much fun!  I told Kevin that if we ever renew our vows with a ceremony I want to use some of the ideas from this wedding (ha!!!!)  Needless to say weddings put me in a romantic mood hence the theme of today's card.

I used two different JustRite Papercraft stamps which are part of this month's new releases:

I used this stamp set to create the patterned background on my card.  The white is heat embossed onto pink paper.

This stamp is also heat embossed.  I cut out the center circle to create a window for my sentiment

Ready for some gorgeous inspiration?  Take a peek at what the JustRite team have created with these beauties:

I have more projects for this release  so please top by tomorrow!  Have a great day



  1. Wow how Stunningly Beautiful love the Doily Stamps and the layering of the stamps for the background is awesome thanks for sharing.

  2. What a perfect card...love the lacey effect of the new stamps...great job.

  3. I am loving these stamps , so pretty the way you have used It ,thanks for sharing

  4. Another Super Gorgeous Card from you Kazan.
    I've always admired your style of cardmaking & the pretty bows that you make.

    Such a Romantic card...perfect for a Wedding/Anniversary !

  5. What a GORGEOUS photo from your trip to Canada!!! And I love your card! Those embossed doilies are fabulous, and I really like how you cut out a window for your sentiment! What kind of ribbon did you use for your bow? It's absolutely beautiful!

  6. Well, this is amazing design of wedding card. Very creative. Thanks for sharing. To buy wedding cards online from one of the great stores visit http://www.365weddingcards.com/


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