February 18, 2015

Vintage Chalkboard Frame

I love Thrift Shopping for treasures.  Granted I have not found any hidden gems worth thousands of dollars but every now again I do find something special for me to add a little paint, a touch of craftiness and a dab of creativity to make it my own.  I picked up this gold-leaf vintagy frame at a thrift store for next to nothing and set out to transform it into something quite special...

I had two porcelain ornaments on hand which were perfect for the project I had in mind.  I wanted to incorporate a branch from my garden for my birds to rest on and I wanted to have my frame a ocean blue.  When I discovered Plaid's FolkArt Chalk Paint and Wax I knew I had hit my jackpot.

1. The vintage frames were sold as a set and although I liked the gold leaf I LOVED the detail on the frame more so I was ready to start the transformation.
2.  After removing the glass, image and backing to the frame I painted the frame with FolkArt Chalk paint (good news that no sanding, stripping or prep required!)
3. Once the base layer had dried I applied the FolkArt Clear Wax to the frame.  
4.  Now it was time to apply the White Wax.  After I painted the White Wax on the frame I immediately wiped off the excess leaving wax in the recesses of the frame.  
5.  Letting my frame dry, I set to work painting the backboard of the frame with black Martha Stewart  Chalkboard paint. 
6.  Since it is winter in Colorado there is no shortage of dry twigs.  I painted one with white acrylic paint and adhered it and my porcelain birds to the backboard (I used superglue and it worked really well)
7.  Last step was to write something sweet with a chalkboard marker :)

This is a fun way to really express your creativity and explore ways to make fun pieces of art from items that need a little TLC.  It's really easy - I promise you!  Give it a try and let me know how you did.  

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