June 1, 2015

FSJ Stamp of the Week & FREE card kit offer - UPDATED

Time for my Stamp of the Week  big reveal.  I love to color flowers - actually I love to color period, but when it comes to coloring images, flowers will always top the list.  Today's project features  an image from Fun Stampers Journey's Summer Garden.  This is week two of my Stamp of the Week Special where I showcase a stamp set from the Fun Stampers Journey collection and offer you the opportunity to get a Free card kit to make today's project!

This stamp set includes three beautiful flower images, two darling little bees and an elegantly scripted "Thank You" sentiment.  Once again a stamp set that has so much versatility.  The sentiment can be stamped on the inside of the card which makes this kit perfect for anyone wishing to customize it for another occasion.

SS-0078 Summer Garden 

Summer Garden is available for purchase from my Fun Stampers Journey Website.  

{This Week's Special Offer}

Purchase Summer Garden stamp set from my Fun Stampers Journey website and I will send you a FREE Card kit to make this week's featured card

{Free Card Kit Includes}

Precut base in Hazelnut Blend cardstock
Precut Buttercream Mat
Precut Die Cut Oatmeal Cookie Banner Mat
Precut Die Cut Whip Cream Perforated Circle Mat to stamp image onto
Journey Twine
Black Licorice Ribbon
Pearl Embellishments (which I colored with my Copic markers to match my flowers)
Instructions for assembling your card

Not included: ink, markers, adhesive, stamping accessories (blocks etc)

Summer Garden Free Card kit offer expires on Sunday June 14, 2015 (11:59pm MST)
I am extending the offer by 1 week because of maintenance on the website :)

Fine Print:  Offer extended to the United States only at this time.  Free shipping of Card Kit offered through USPS.  Substitutes for cardstock colors and size variations not available.  Substitutes for embellishments not available.  1 free card kit available per proof of purchase from my (Kazan) Fun Stampers Journey customer website.  Free Card kit offer not available after expiration date unless noted by me.  Additional card kits can be purchased for $5.00 per kit.  

{How to Claim your FREE Card kit with Purchase}

1. Order the Summer Garden Stamp Set (SS-0078) from me at Fun Stampers Journey by clicking on the link below.

2. Email me your order number details and your mailing address with the following subject line: Summer Garden Free Card Kit 

Remember this offer expires by Midnight on June 14, 2015 so hurry and order while supplies last. 

Thank you so much for embarking on this adventure with me.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at clarksindenver@q.com.  Wishing you all a wonderful last week of May!



  1. Such a beautiful card and kit. I love the shadowing on your rose.

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