August 20, 2017

Happy Sunday and a little Tease...

The last two weeks have been a little crazy in the Clark household as we prepared to get the girls back to school - as I breathe a quiet sigh of relief that I made it through the summer with my sanity relatively intact.  Settling down into my regular routine has been anything but mundane because I have been a busy little elf working behind the scenes on a top secret mission....

Spoiler Alert

You are going to love it! 
You’re going to want it!  
You’re going to be able to get it!

It won't be long before I can reveal all the details but I do have a few clues..

There are others
EEEK...and then there is this....
Have I said too much?  Curious?  Check back here August 24 (4 sleepies) for more details!

omg this is fun...that was your little Tease.  Happy Sunday!

xoxo Kazan


August 4, 2017

Inside the new FSJ 2017/18 Inspiration Catalog

When Fun Stampers Journey launched their new Inspiration Catalog at Convention this year there were audible gasps of pure delight and amazement from the large audience in attendance!  Arguably one of the most beautiful inspiration books on the market right now!  Following is a short visual tease of the gorgeous images inside..Details below on how you can read your FREE virtual copy or order a hard copy for yourself to peruse at your leisure anywhere-anytime!


Read your FREE online Virtual Copy Here


Purchase your own personal Hard Copy Here

Enjoy xoxo