January 15, 2019

Something Sweet for your Sweetie

This adorable Triangle Treat Die Set from Spellbinders & Fun Stampers Journey is so darn cute and versatile.  It's small enough to house just the right little goodie..think candy, bath-bomb, small candle etc...yet large enough that you can really splurge on the contents without breaking the bank (especially if you are making these for a crowd). This is definitly one of those dies that you will use over and over again.  It's a keeper for sure and one that will get mega use out of as I navigate this new year with a renewed focus to give from the heart (read: more homemade packaging).

Let's cut to the chase...

The Bare Necessities

1. A large die cutting machine. I used the Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine - Fun Stamper's Journey Version but others will work just as well with this thin metal die.  If you don't have a large platform machine, Fun Stampers Journey has a video on YouTube demonstrating how to cut the Triangle Treat Die on a smaller machine.

2. Triangle Treat Die Set.  This is kind of the "must have" product for this project.  Everything else is simply gravy. So if you get only one thing this is it.

Jazzing It Up

3. Lots of Love ATS (ATS stands for Artist Trading Stamp which is usually smaller in size and price compared to larger stamp sets)

4. Detailed Foliage Die.  This is another product that I use over and over again.  I LOVE it for just about any occasion. Seriously scroll thru my blog or pinterest page and you will laugh because I am not kidding #wellloved #iuseitalot.  Technically hashtags don't work on blogs but they are so effective in getting a point across.

5. Who can resist gingham ribbon let alone one that's called Sweet Berry?

6. Journey White- Embossing Powder  and Clear Pigment Ink Pad (fyi: Heat Gun required)

7. A super duper pale grey cardstock (or any color that strikes your fancy). I used Tin Pail 8.5x11 

Make It or Buy It?

I think we are going to......Make it!!!!

It's so easy to put together that I think you all can figure it out just by looking at the project - and that's kinda what I love about these products...the colors and design work so beautifully together so that achieving something special hardly takes much effort at all (but we will keep that info away from our non-crafty friends and the recepients of these gifts).

1. Cut the Triangle Treat box shapes using the Triangle Treat Box Die Set. Here's a little tip to save you paper and time.  If you are using a large platform die cutting machine like the Platinum 6 Die Cutting Machine position the long retangular die at a diagonal across the cutting plate.  That leaves  two triangular spaces on either side of the cardstock. Waste Not Want Not friends - you will need these to diecut TWO triangular shapes for your box.

1 Sheet of 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock yields 1 rectangular diecut and 2 triangular diecuts = 1 Treat Box
(if that was confusing practice doing it 3 more times and you will have 4 boxes ready in a flash)

2. Stamp the heart design on both ends of the retangular shape diecut.  There are two scorelines that you can use as a guide to fold the cardstock.  The middle section forms the bottom of the treat box and as you can tell I did not stamp that nor the sides coming up a bit later.  Once stamped using the Clear Pigment Ink, lightly dust with white embossing powder and set with the heat gun. 

3. To add a little bit of color and interest I colored in each heart with my RV10 Copic Marker. It's a lovely light pink which shows up as a pretty blush against the grey cardstock.

4. Gotta love score lines right!  The triangular diecut shapes each have three score lines on them.  I used my bone folder to fold along the score lines and once again had a nice little assembly line going.

5. Remember the middle piece on the rectangular diecut that forms the bottom of the box? - well that's the part that I attached the bottom flap of the triangle to. I did this on both sides of the rectangle die cut.  Regular adhesive works but since you're probably wondering: I used White Liner (super strong tape that tears easily and is no mess no fuss - just trust me on this one).

6. This next step is a personal preference.  I only adhered one side of the rectangle to the sides of the triangles (with White Liner Tape). I have seen others add the treat at this point and then seal the box by adhering the other side of the retangle to the triangles.  It's a little tricky to do but the end result will be a super duper sturdy little container (and entertainment watching someone try to pry the treat out the top).  By only adhering one side I not only ensured easy access with a flap to insert the treat but also easy access to get to the treat.  I mean if we are talking chocolate most people I know will rip that baby apart in two seconds - bye bye treat box. 

7. Pinch the top two scalloped edges of your box together and punch a whole through both sides.  Thread the ribbon through both punched holes and tie into a pretty bow.  Now that loose flap is secured and the treat is tucked inside.  To access the contents simple untie the bow to release the flap.

8. Die cut 4 Detailed Foliage shapes from white cardstock - one for each box.  Adhere the delicate foliage near the base of the bow with a glue dot or other adhesive.

9. Making the tag.  These came together from scraps. The tag is shaped from leftover Oatmeal Cookie cardstock.  I liked the font on a "Thinking of you..." sentiment stamp so I inked up just the "you..." part and stamped it on the right side of my tag.  

10. The heart is a punch system from Fun Stampers Journey (You will need the Punch Handle and the Love Is Punch Cartridge).  Other ways to achieve this look could be to draw little red hearts with a marker, use little red heart stickers or hand cut hearts from red cardstock.  Attach the punched hearts to the tags using a small foam square.

11. Final step: Punch a small whole through the end of the tag and adhere it to the bow using a piece of natural twine!

Well there you have it. Super easy right.  I actually can't wait for next St Patties Day, or Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, a Wedding or Baby Shower - you name it. This Treat box fits the bill perfectly!

But wait there's more....

The Fun Stampers Journey Creative Team have joined forces to bring you more creative Love inspiration (gosh I am so glad this is a craft blog!) and I have a list of links for you to follow.  Before you go just want to say thanks for the vis. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by, read my ramblings, leave me a comment or sending me an email.   Have an awesome creative day!

xoxo  Kazan

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