February 15, 2019

Egg-stra Special Easter Favors

Yay! Easter is just around the corner and I had a chance to play with THE cutest goodies from Fun Stampers Journey and Spellbinders!  You are going to love the absolute cuteness featured in the new Easter Blessings mini catalog.  I will have a link to that for you further down this post but first let's look at my "egg-stra" special little easter favor project.

My girls love cupcakes - they prefer homemade but when a busy mama has to scimp on time then delicious store bought ones have to do - these are vanilla bean flavored from Kimberley's Bakeshoppe  (seriously sweet vanilla creme yumminess) and available right from my grocer here in Colorado.  Even though they don't go on Easter Egg hunts anymore we do still like to make Easter Brunch special with decorations, goodies and of course a little bag filled with easter eggs - oh and don't think this is just for the girls - Hubby buys into the cuteness too!

Here's What Will You Need?

I used two sets for this one

Fancy Eggs and Hippity Hoppin'

Garden Fence Die Set and Journey Squares 

Speciality Paper!
Create and Bloom Prints

Fringe Shears

....and the Basics to Make it Yourself

White Cardstock. Two shades of green cardstock.  Ink for stamping. Markers for coloring. twine. adhesive

Quick Step-by-Step

1. Color in the cute bunnies with your favorite markers
2. Die cut a front panel using the Journey Squares dies
3. Mat the front panel onto larger white square cardstock
4. Fold white cardstock to form a card base
5. Adhere patterned paper to the front of the card base

6. Stamp egg shapes onto white cardstock.  I stamped a total of 6 eggs (3 for the card and 3 for the cupcake topper)
7. Line up two strips of green cardstock.  Use the Fringe shears to cut a short border to resemple grass
8. Die-cut two picket fence strips and adhere to grass trips.
9. Secure two ends of strips with adhesive to form cupcake holder.
10. Fussy cut easter eggs. Adhere a grouping of 3 together and secure to a toothpick for your cupcake topper.
11. Wrap twine around the front panel of the card and secure the remainder 3 eggs in a cluster at the base of the bow.
12 Stamp the sentiment and fussy cut in a banner shape. Secure the sentiment and "yay" sticker to the front of the card.

As promised a link to the gorgeous new Easter goodies at Fun Stampers Journey/Spellbinders website


Blog Hoppity-Hop Time

Join in the festivities by hopping along with the FSJ creative team for amazing Easter and Spring Treats

Happy Easter and Cheers to a Glorious Spring! As always feel free to contact me with any questions at kazanclark@gmail.com



Christine Chan said...

Omg! that cupcake wrapper is so cute. And the color of the 2 lovely bunnies 🐰

Char Leasor said...

Your card is so cute and the using the fence for a cupcake holder and grass for the liner in sooooooooo clever!!!

Jane Fires said...

I love these. What copic markers did you use on the bunnies? Thanks so much. Love and Hugs

StampinCarol said...

What an unusual cupcake holder!!! And love your card!

Lezlye said...

Stunning coloring! Cupcake holders are genius. :)

Auntie Em said...

Your card is so dainty and ready for spring. I love the cupcake holder. Its so fun and different. They would look great for an Easter table setting.
Thank you for sharing such a lovely design! :)

Brenda Brain said...

I always love your projects and these are no exception. Also love how your directions are so easy to read. But I have to tell you that I just love how you used the garden fence die around the cupcake! Brilliant!!!

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